Industrial Electrician Careers

The field of industrial electrician offers promising job opportunities for skilled professionals specializing in electrical repairs and installations within businesses and factories. With a demand for a wide range of technical skills, becoming an industrial electrician involves specific training and expertise. Discover more about this profession and the necessary qualifications.

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Training to Become an Industrial Electrician

To pursue an industrial electrician career, various educational paths are available, such as:

  • DEP in Electromechanical Automated Systems
  • AEC in Industrial Automation and Instrumentation
  • DEC in Electrical Engineering Technology: Automation and Control

Regardless of the chosen educational program, obtaining a qualification certificate is vital for aspiring industrial electricians. Manual dexterity, meticulous attention to detail, and good vision are essential for success. Analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and deductive reasoning are also valuable traits to address electrical challenges and provide effective solutions.

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Skills and Responsibilities of Industrial Electricians

Industrial electricians perform a range of tasks, including:

  • Conducting regular equipment maintenance and keeping accurate records
  • Updating electrical systems
  • Cleaning circuit panels and contacts
  • Testing different electrical systems
  • Reading and interpreting plans and schematics
  • Identifying and resolving electrical issues

Industrial electricians work on various systems, such as generators, electric motors, control systems, alternators, and regulators.

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Industrial Electrician Jobs and Salary

Industrial electrician jobs offer competitive salaries, typically starting at around $30 per hour, totalling approximately $68,000 per year. Experienced industrial electricians may progress to supervisory roles, which can lead to higher salaries. The demand for skilled industrial electricians remains strong, with experienced professionals potentially earning up to $100,000. Explore the exciting opportunities in the industrial electrician field!

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