The Mechanical Engineer Career

The career of a mechanical engineer necessitates numerous qualifications, making it a highly specialized occupation. Undertaking various roles such as a mechanic, manager, designer, or supervisor in large-scale projects demonstrates the need to possess a diverse skill set. This article covers everything you need to know about mechanical engineer jobs and their range of required expertise.

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Educational Requirements for Mechanical Engineer Jobs

To pursue a career as a mechanical engineer, one must complete university studies, specifically earning a bachelor's degree in civil engineering or a related field. Although not always required by all employers, obtaining a master's or doctoral degree may be necessary in some cases.

Upon completing their studies and gaining three years of work experience, a mechanical engineer can choose to join a professional association, such as the Association of Consulting Engineers of Quebec or the Order of Engineers of Quebec.

In addition to finishing their education, a mechanical engineer must work under supervision for a minimum of three years and pass their profession's competency exam.

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Skills and Responsibilities in Mechanical Engineer Jobs

A mechanical engineer is involved in the entire manufacturing process of pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical products. They also participate in projects aimed at creating public applications. Since their work is essential at each stage of these large-scale projects, the skills to master are numerous and include the ability to:

  • Perform feasibility, design, and operation studies for various systems;
  • Plan, coordinate, and direct diverse projects;
  • Prepare materials for use;
  • Design and ensure the proper functioning of systems;
  • Develop reports and cost estimates;
  • Analyze system performance and suggest improvements;
  • Forecast project schedules and maintain budget adherence;
  • Approve all designs, calculations, and costs for each project;
  • Manage human and material resources needed for system manufacturing.

The skills required for mechanical engineer jobs include a keen interest in mathematics, calculation, and computer science. A scientific and logical mindset is crucial for designing high-performance systems. Given the complexity of the devices and systems they work with, attention to detail and precision are equally important.

A strong sense of responsibility is vital since the project's progress partly depends on them. Lastly, an interest in problem-solving is essential for addressing and rectifying identified issues.

Mechanical Engineer Jobs: Salary Expectations

The average salary for mechanical engineer jobs varies significantly based on their years of experience. For reference, the average annual salary is approximately $40,000, while an end-of-career salary can range between $100,000 and $124,000 for a mechanical engineer. The potential for accessing management and supervisory positions justifies this salary disparity.

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