The Profession of Industrial Painting

For top-notch results on your company's walls, hiring an industrial painter is the way to go! This occupation demands precision and good physical fitness and is worth looking into. So, what do you need to know about industrial painter jobs and the skills required to succeed in this field?

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Industrial Painter Jobs: What Training is Required?

What training is necessary for industrial painter jobs near me? A 900 hour (8 months) professional diploma is required. The School of Construction Trades in Montreal offers this program. Please note that a valid RBQ license is needed to work as an industrial painter.

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Skills and Responsibilities of an Industrial Painter

Good Vision and Manual Skills

Mainly hired by companies offering industrial painting services, industrial painters must possess a variety of skills. Good physical fitness is essential to maintain a steady work pace.

Owing to their job nature, industrial painters must have good vision and be capable of accurately perceiving colours. Attention to detail and excellent hand-eye coordination are crucial for delivering immaculate and blemish-free results.

Moreover, they need strong manual skills to use the tools required for paint application and sandblasting properly.

Knowledge of Coatings and Metals

A comprehensive understanding of various coatings and metals is vital to choose the right product for each surface type. This knowledge also helps in safely handling hazardous materials they work with daily.

Besides the aforementioned skills and paint application, industrial painters are responsible for all finishing work and mixing paint preparations according to specific application methods. They may work on diverse surfaces, including machinery, ventilation ducts, equipment, and floors, in addition to walls and ceilings.

Ability to Work Indoors and Outdoors

Industrial painter jobs entail working on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Therefore, the ability to work in dusty environments and adapt to outdoor work conditions is necessary.

Industrial Painter Salary

As for salary, industrial painters typically earn between $20 to $30 per hour. It's worth mentioning the promising job prospects for industrial painters, which result from the retirement of numerous employees.
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